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Animal Services - Zoning Regulations, Leash Laws and Impounded Dogs
Animal Services Unit
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Chesterfield County Animal Services Office
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Animal Services Unit
Animal Services - Zoning Regulations, Leash Laws and Impounded Dogs

Zoning Regulations 

Ownership of more than three adult dogs per family is prohibited in any residential district without a special exception permit. If you need a special permit, contact the Chesterfield County Zoning Office at (804) 748-1050.

County Leash Law  

Under Chesterfield County's current leash law, dogs must be on a leash at all times when not on the dog owner's property.

Impounded Dogs 

Virginia code requires that impounded dogs be held for a period before they are placed for adoption, transferred to a rescue organization, or, if deemed necessary, euthanized.

  • Dogs with identification must be held for 10 days.
  • Dogs without identification must be held for five days.  The Animal Services Unit will hold dogs and cats longer to give owners more time to find their pets.
  • If the animal has identification, the owner will be notified by certified mail.
  • Owners will be charged $30 for the first day of confinement and $12 for each succeeding day.

Boundary Lines for Farm Animals 

  • The boundary line of each lot or tract of land is the lawful limit for any horse, mule, cattle, hog, sheep or goat.
  • It is unlawful for the owner or manager of any such animal to permit it to run at large beyond the boundaries of confined area.
  • Any person violating this law is subject to a fine of up to $250.